Wellness & Spa

Our brand new wellness- and sauna department, finished in summer of 2011, assures that our guests can relax also in rainy weather.


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Fax: +36-83/318-998
E-mail: info@kristalyhotel.hu
Address: 8360 Keszthely, Lovassy S. u. 20.
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Open hours

  • 7 am – 10 am and 7 pm – 9 pm: only for hotel guests
  • 10 am – 7 am: for other guests as well

In our quick world our soul and body need a bit relaxation and pampering – our new wellness & spa department is a great choice for it. Our wellness and spa department provides the following services for our guests for free:

and for a fee:

Photos on our wellness department


The 34-37° warm whirlpool with hydro massage and light therapy release the muscles excellently. Due to the advantageous situation of the wellness department you can admire the sunset from the whirlpool late afternoon. Enjoy the music, while the air bubbles tenderly massage and release you muscles.

Drinking fountain – so as to replace the loss of water

Since the body loses much water by using the sauna, you have the possibility to replace this loss with healthy mineral water.

Infrared sauna – the modern sauna

Our ceramic infrared sauna detoxes the body and cleans the body cells already by 40-60 C temperature. You can lose this time 300 – 600 calories in 30 minutes. This is an ideal choice if the 80-100 C temperature is not convenient for you or you cannot endure high temperature due to health reasons. In the infrared sauna warms up the body not from outward to inward, but from inward to outward.


  • forgot the problems of everyday life
  • effective by 40-60°C
  • warms from inward to outward
  • cleans the cells of body, strengthens the immune system
  • the body loses less liquidness, but more toxins as cholesterol, heavy metals, and balance the acid-base balance in the body.
  • activates the blood circulation
  • you can burn 600-800 calories in 30 minutes.
  • raises the physical and mental achievement potential
  • reduces articular pains
  • makes skin look more beautiful, abolishes cellulitis
  • calms down and refreshes
  • you shall replace the loss of water after using the infra sauna
  • Contraindication: the infra sauna must not be used by pregnancy, menstruation, alcohol consuming, haemophilia and by fever.

Finnish sauna- for the real heroes of wellness

The Finnish sauna (which is one with the Finnish folk and its traditions) Enjoy, that the people in the ancient Rome also enthused: the detoxification, circulations motivating effect of the 90- 100 C warm sauna. In 15-20 minutes fresh up your body with a refreshing shower like a real hero. It mobilises the immune system and refreshes. The Incas and the Indian tribes had used the sauna in order to strengthen they immune system. …


  • Enlarges the pores of skin
  • detoxicates the skin
  • After using the sauna it is recommended to have a contrast bath in order to improve the blood circulation.
  • releases the muscles and overwhelms possible cramps of muscles
  • During the usage of sauna it is not recommended to wear jewellery, because they may become hot
  • The maximum time of using sauna should be 15-20 minutes and can be finished with a contrast bath. It is this time also important to replace the lost water with mineral water.
  • Contraindication: the sauna must not be used by pregnancy, menstruation, alcohol consuming, haemophilia and by fever.

Steam bath (to commemorate the Turkish times)…

Steam bathRelax with the power of amethyst. Enjoy the steam bath, which is famous by Turkish people as “hammam”. The steam bath has an air humidity of 70-100% and a temperature of 45-50°. Due to these characteristics is steam bath for many people much convenient than the sauna. It releases the body, cleans the skin and respiratory system. We provide a steam bath with the enjoyment of essential oils.


  • Temperature of 45-55 °C
  • Air humidity: 70 – 80%
  • Relaxes body and soul
  • The violet lights help the relaxation
  • cleans the skin
  • cleans respiratory system
  • Recommended use: 15-20 minutes
  • Here is also important to replace the lost water from our organism from our drinking fountain.

Salt room – straight from Himalaya……

Himalaya salt roomThe Himalaya salt is one of the riches salts, it contains 84 different minerals. It detoxicates even though it does not contain any hotness or steam. You do not have to travel to a salt mine or to the sea to come to know the benefical effects of halotherapy to the immune system.You shall just sit in this room and deep breathe, and during this you can enjoy the soft music. This case one hour in the salt chamber can replace one whole day by sea. (If you would like to embrown too, try our new infra solarium!)


  • in case of respiratory problems
  • for allergy sufferers
  • for smokers


  • cleans respiratory systems
  • strengthens the immune system
  • cleans the pores
  • the orange light improves creativity
  • recommended time of use: 30 minutes

Chakra lights for developing internal harmony

Chakra lightsUse the curative effect of light therapy for free, since they can lift energy blockades. The light therapy does not abolish the symptoms of illnesses, but abolishes their sources. In 5-10 minutes in front of the chakra lights begins the self-healing process of organism.

Alkaline Infrared sauna – with the power of tourmaline crystal …

Alkaline Infrared saunaOur new modern carbon infrared sauna not only mobilises your organism, but it improves the deslagging and rejuvenation of your body. The infrared ray contains a mineral stone and ionize the air in the sauna so that the organism can produce easier oxygen. Encourage your organism and neutralize the harmful impacts of everyday life. The effects can be observed in only 20 minutes use in infrared sauna. Effects:

  • neutralizes the adic-base balance
  • you breathe antiallergical air
  • the antioxidant effect strengthens the immune system
  • it soothes the tiredness
  • neutralize the radioactive impacts in the body
  • ameliorate the mood due to the fact that it releases the hormone of serotonin
  • commands the same characteristics as infrared sauna but it is even more better for your whole organism
  • Recommended time of use: 20 minutes
  • You can use it for a fee with special chips you can buy in the reception for 1.000 forints.

Price: 1.000 HUF / 10 minutes

Infrared solarium – Brown your body gentle and effective

You do not have to damage your body to have a beautiful brown body. The browning tubes conform the EU standard (0,3 w/sm) and assure a gentle browning. (You must not wear jewels during the use of solarium) We are the 7. Hotel in Hungary, which owe the most modern Black Care infrared solariums. These protect the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays: it opens the pores of skin wirh infrared waves 3 minutes awhile, after that browns the skin with mild UVA rays. The result is the beautiful browning which does not hurt the skin!


  • Visible browning already after 6 minutes
  • After 3-minute preheating time of infrared waves,which open the skin pores, is the skin prepared for the browning.
  • 6-minute browning function
  • for a long lasting browning it is recommended not to have a shower in the next 3 hours after using the solarium.

Price: 1.000 HUF for 6 minutes

Massage – the personal indulgence cure…

MassageDo you wish a refreshing Swedish massage, a relaxing thai or a lawastone massage from the middle east? Or maybe a massage with aromatherapy? Which one do you enjoy the most? Our experienced and friendly staffs give you advices gladly so that you do not leave your relaxing to chance. The different massage technics make an impact on the appropriate organs. Moreover shall you together with the threat personnel talk about what you the best is. In the most often cases arises on the massaged body surface a hiperemia, so that the skin even more nutrients can absorb and so that the toxins can be easier released. The muscles are released; the possible cramps can be released too, because most of them have the toxins as reasons. This way the achievement potential can be meaningful stimulated and risen. The effect of the massage shares out from the massaged part of the body to the whole body. The western medicine explains it following way: the nerves lead the stimulus from the massaged part of the body to the whole body, by what the functions of the organs are positive affected. On the other hand the eastern medicine gives an explication that the massage shares the life power (chi and prana) to the whole body. ”


  • calms down
  • slows the skin ageing
  • has a positive effect on the muscles and links
  • diminutes pains
  • stimulates the blood circulation system

We are providing following types of massages:

  • Sports massage: 25 min /5.900 HUF
  • Massage contra stress (head, neck, shoulders): 25 min / 5.900 HUF
  • Relaxing massage (ylang-ylang, lemongrass): 25 min / 5.900 HUF, 50 min / 7.900 HUF
  • Refreshing, revitalising massage (peppermint, bergamot): 25 min / 5.900 HUF, 50 min / 7.900 HUF
  • Foot reflex-zone massage: 20 min /5.900 HUF