The largest lake of Central Europe and its surroundings amaze the tourists. The slopes of the Balaton Highland, the vineyards, the bird watching in the Kis-Balaton Landscape Protection Area, the Buffalo Reserve, the sunbeams glinting on the water surface from dawn to sunset and the bike route connecting them are worth visiting.

By bike: We possess a lake, called Balaton and a 220 km long bike route around it…It starts at a distance of 50 meters from our hotel.By bike you can see more from the region and the wonderful surroundings . You can get to Hévíz in 15 minutes or the Kis-Balaton Landscape Protection Area in 20 minutes. At the end of the day you can relax in our wellness department. Do not forget our offer for lovers of cycling! Why is it good to ride a bicycle? Because it is not only healthy, but you can explore the beauty of the region together with your family and friends as well. We won’t let you lose yourself. If you would not like to explore the region alone, we provide you with a map including 4 different complete bike routes. See some examples as follows: On the Balaton Bike Route: Keszthely – Balatongyörök – Szigliget – boat trip to Balatonmáriafürdő – Balatonszentgyörgy – Keszthely Tours in the Keszthely Hills: Keszthely – Cserszegtomaj – Rezi Castle – Zalaszántó (Tátika) – Várvölgy – Balatongyörök – Keszthely (72 km) Thermal baths in the Zala Valley: Keszthely – Hévíz – Nemesbük – Kehidakustány – Zalacsány – Zalaapáti – Alsópáhok – Keszthely (52 km) Tours to Kis-Balaton Landscape Protection Area: Keszthely – Fenékpuszta – Balatonszentgyörgy – Vörs – Balatonszentgyörgy – Keszthely (42 km) By car: Keszthely as the center of the West-Balaton Region is an excellent place for organising tours, as you can find all kinds of cultural programs, natural treasures or entertainment facilities and thermal baths within a distance of 30 kms of the town: Hévíz (7,5 km): in winter and also in summer awaits you the largest thermal lake of Europe, where articular and rheumatic diseases have been beeing healed for 200 years, but the natural beauty of the lake is unique as well. Zalakaros (33 km): the famous Gránit Spa awaits you in one of the smallest towns of Hungary in the neighborhood of the Little Balaton and the Buffalo Reserve. Kehidakustány (21 km): this town, which is famous of its thermal water serves the tourism with all of its services with the natural beauty of the valley of the Zala River. Panorama, lookout hill (Szépkilátó) in Balatongyörök (7,5 km): you can see the Lake Balaton, the Tapolca-basin, Badacsony, Szigliget and the Szent György Hill, one of the most the most beautiful panoramas of the world in different colours every day. Africa Museum in Balatonederics (13 km): It is a great program for adults and children also in case of bad weather to visit the embodiments of natural wonders collected in Africa since 1944, but camel riding, pony riding and feeding of animals are possible, too. Kis-Balaton Landscape Protection Area (19,5 km): Uncle Matula’s cottage (originated from a Hungarian novel), the unique avifauna, the Buffalo Reserve are the main attractions of the landscape protection, which is enjoyable for every generation. Szigliget Fortress and Avasi church ruins (17 km): the fortress of Balaton awaits its guests for 750 years with the shooting scene of the Hungarian novel “Egri csillagok”, from where there is a beautiful panorama to the basalt hills and also the Lake Balaton. Castle of Sümegi vár (29 km): this castle originating from the Middle Ages is a living history. The habits of knights and battles are vivified here day by day. The renovated castle is lightened wonderfully by night. We organise also bus tours in case our guests staying at the Kristály Hotel would like to visit towns or cities in Hungary or abroad, for example Budapest or Vienna.