We offer the following catering services in our hotel:

Hearty buffet breakfast in our mediterranean restaurant:

On the first floor of the hotel our guests can have a hearty buffet breakfast in our mediterranean style restaurant from 8. a.m. to 10.a.m., where we provide also creamy espresso free of charge. If you would like to taste everything, you should stay several days at our hotel!

Half board:

In our mediterranean style restaurant you have the possibility for having a 3-course dinner, which you can consume in our restaurant or at one of our partner restaurants (Appetito, Jóbarát, Park Restaurant) in the near. The price of it: 10,-EUR/person. The menu contains 3 courses. In case of consuming it at one of our partner restaurants, you may select these courses from a menu card that contains several dishes. Your demand for the dinner should be mentioned on arrival, but the menu can be selected in the restaurant. The menu cards may be different in case of each restaurant. You can select amongst many sorts of soups, several main courses and some desserts, which can be changed for a coffee. The distance of restaurants can be different, the nearest (Appetito) is situated at a distance of 400 m, the farest one (Jóbarát) at a distance of 1000 m from the hotel. In case you would like to consume the dinner at the hotel, please mention it at the time of booking a stay.

We are regret to inform our Guests, that there is no opportunity to provide special dieting catering requests (glutenfree, lactose free etc.).

Photos on our restaurant

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