Have you seen the Lake Balaton? And the sunset at the lake? And the lanscape around the largest lake of Central Europe that astonishes the arriving visitors? Be our guest and you may admire this beauty as well!

This lake was beautiful at all times: also the Romans admired its beauty, that is why they built there holiday resorts and farms. It was the Festetics Family, who created later important developments. Not only the the panorama to the lake, but the clean lake itself provided them pleasant bathing facilities as well. The Island Bath shows the vestiges of it. It is worth admiring the beauty of the lake in all seasons: in autumn relaxing on a garden seat under the colorful crowns by the choppy water and feeding swans and ducks, in winter skating on the frozen lake and listening the sound of crack in the ice. In spring the appearance of the birds signs the awakening of the nature. The flavor of the lake’s molten and fresh water touches our face. This feeling can’t be described….. For the most people the summer means sunshine and relaxing on the beach, for which you have 3 choice possibilities at Keszthely: The alpha and omega of the active summer holiday is the Municipal Beach , which is the largest and oldest beach of Keszthely and provide the most services. The road takes you via pavilions to the beach with a pool of the same shape as the lake itself, an EU-conform playground for children and deck chairs. The guests have the possibility to play volleyball on 3 courts, basketball or badminton and there are a football field and paddle boats as well. The entrance fee includes the unlimited use of them, therefore you do not have to use your wallet every time as in other places. The area of the beach is used as a promenade of entertainment in the evening hours You may enjoy the summer evenings in several pleasure-grounds directly on the beach of Lake Balaton. The next beach is situated at the other part of the town. The youngest beach of Keszthely, the Libás Beach can be found directly by the yacht port and used to be as a free beach earlier, where gooses used to swam. Nowadays sailboats get back here after finishing the so-called Kékszalag (Blue ribbon) Yacht Competition. It is a shady, verdant, children friendly beach with favourable rates. On the brink of the town you can find the Helikon Beach – for the memories of past times we can sunbathe on 19.000 m2 and enjoy the feeling of the seventies, a nostalgic, funny place, the volleyball, badminton and of course chess on the beach, scone, paddle boats and so on.. What else would you need? Lake Balaton expressed in numbers:

  • length: 79 km
  • width: 1,3 – 14 km
  • surface: 594 km2
  • average depth: 3 – 3,6 m
  • deepest point: 12,5 m
  • water volume: 1,9 km3
  • length of shores: 195 km
  • altitude above sea level: 104 m

Photos on the Lake Balaton